Onward to the next adventure

Naturally, as a graduating senior, a lot of people have been asking me lately what I will be doing next year. And I promised that I would update you all regarding my next journeys, so here you go! I myself wasn’t sure what was in store for the next year until a couple of days ago. Medical school has always been (and still is) the eventual goal. A little over a year ago, I was planning on going to medical school directly after graduating from ASU. But doing my own public health research around the world last summer changed a lot for me. So I pushed it off for another year. I feel very strongly that I haven’t learned enough in the world of public health to go to medical school just yet. I want to learn more about how to control infectious disease outbreaks, how to model them, and how to understand the sociocultural context of where the outbreak was occurring to develop the best interventions.

Unfortunately, getting a Masters of Public Health (MPH) isn’t exactly affordable. So, I applied for the prestigious UK scholarships including the Marshall, the Mitchell, the Gates-Cambridge, and the Fulbright U.K. Commission. All would have paid for a graduate degree of my choice across the pond so I spent months on all of the applications. In the fall semester, rejection after rejection rolled in. However, in the process of applying for these programs, I had researched a lot of incredible MPH programs in the UK. One of my favorites was the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. A couple minutes after getting my last rejection, I immediately started looking up other funding sources–I wasn’t ready to give up on it just yet.

I eventually found information on the the Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scholarship which supports future leaders in one of the six areas of focus to pursue a graduate degree in another country. One of these areas is Disease Control and Treatment–sounds like me! After looking at the cost of attendance in Edinburgh, I found out the grant would cover all of my tuition/fees plus housing. So, I hesitantly applied, not expecting much after all my other failed applications.

If you’ve seen my mom’s Facebook status, then you already know the good news. In September, I will be attending the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland for one year to get my Masters in Public Health as a Rotary Global Grant Scholar.

I’ll definitely be buying an inflatable mattress for any friends that want to come visit, so start planning 😉 Until then, I’ll be defending my honors thesis (from my research trip last summer) on April 21st and graduating from ASU on May 9th with bachelor’s degrees in Microbiology and Global Health. It’s flown by but I’m excited to spend a year living abroad.

Lots of love,




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